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Love styles

Came across this in an article my textbook referenced and thought it was interesting--we all know about erotic vs platonic love, but here are some other styles. I feel storgic, which does not work at all when you're no longer living in a dorm... this could be a cool prompt-set. If anyone sees this and uses the ideas, I'd be interested to know about it. :)

Eros: erotic lovers search for a person with the right physical characteristics and is eager for an intense relationship

Ludos: ludic lovers are playful in love and like to play the field

Storgé: storgic lovers prefer slowly developing attachments that lead to lasting commitment.

Mania: manic lovers are demanding and possessive toward the beloved and have a feeling of being out of control

Agape: agapic lovers are altruistic, loving without concern for receiving anything in return.

Pragma: pragmatic lovers search for partners with the right vital statistics: job, age, religion, ets
--JA Lee, 1988, Love Styles


Just found this old piece of idleness on my hard drive looking for old translations of Li Bai. May as well post.

Title: Stygium
Fandom: Discworld (Making Money)
Pairings/Characters: Moist, Vetinari
Rating: none
Warnings: authorial arrogance in attempting a Vetinari POV, but brief
Summary/Notes: Come set up shop in my parlor...
I've just noticed a hint towards Unseen Academicals in here. I don't even remember when I wrote this, but it was long before I knew UA was on the horizon (ie: before I saw it in the library and went HOMG). o.O

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No actual content...

... but thank you so much to... okay, I've forgotten how to tag, but to Esinde and Mentha for the v-gifts. ^,^ Also to T (who is highly unlikely to read this) for his email. T & M are visiting T's grandmother in Israel. It has been been impressed on me that as she's eighty this year, her birthday has seniority and oomph and he'll be disowned or something if he fails to show. I remain unconvinced, but wish her many happy returns in soundness of mind anyway. ;)

In other news, the local B&J does two-for-one sundaes on Mondays. Their rhyme, not mine.

Album of the Sang Real (Snape gen)

Notes: Uh... ok, notes just in case anyone does happen to read this, which isn't expected given that I don't have the faintest idea how long it's been since I did any journaling outside of games... this fic happened after I watched Antwone Fisher for class. Not that it has anything to do with the film. Which I watched under protest--not because I didn't know it was good, but because I'd seen snippets while working the psych ward, and anything connected to that experience makes me cringe. Which may have something to do with the long hiatus, since I was fairly active during that period.

Anyway, I'm mostly posting because red_squared told me to and then the Sevmuse was pouting that no one, as personified by her adorable Siripuppy, cared about his mum. Which is probably true, but the writer's block actually lifted for an actual whole story, so... yeah. Only I guess that means there needs to be an actual title...

Title: Album of the Sang Real
Pairings/Characters: Eileen/Tobias, Severus
Rating: T?
Warnings: A weird but possibly not unique juxtaposition of domestic cuteness and abuse. Alcoholism. A stylized style.
Summary/Notes: This is the prince. She is no damsel.

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Giftart: SH: A trifling domestic affair

new_kate, there are a more problems with this than I like to see in an outgoing gift, but they're not fixing themselves as the interim between your very kind gift and this post stretches out.

If this is (and it is) rather tortured prose, please blame it on my having recently torn through katieforsythe's work and being incompetently impressionable at 2am. Hopefully the rec will compensate in some small way (if you haven't already met the lady's work) for [deleted highlighting of flaws it's possible people who aren't me would forgive].

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Into every girl's life comes the moment when she must decide whether to patch, toss, or mend her first pair of jeans.

...I don't have time to go shopping.

(blames KL for & resists the urge to badly embroider Hakkai-vines up the leg to hide new seam)
(is saved by aforementioned lack of time. And patience. And embroidery hoop.)
(isn't grateful)


Mixed bag

Are we all inventing reasons for her not to have explicitly stated the orientation of the most loudly-dressed living man in the series who was willing to drop his dependents (for whom he'd dropped his career) and run off with a beautiful amoral blond now? I got one!

How 'bout, it was Harry's book, and Harry's infatuation with a beautiful amoral blond a) took a left turn at Pretty Oedipal Redhead and b) never tempted him from the Path of Shiny Armor? Now, maybe if the book had been centered around DD's other protégé, the one who it's heavily hinted was... er, not tempted from, but effectively discouraged from stepping onto Virtue Blvd by... a beautiful, amoral blond (gasp!), well, maybe then it would have been stated outright on account of being relevant to the plot.

Hey, you got your guesses, I got mine. ^_^ And while we're speculatin', you think JKR's got a thing for blonds?

In other news, I'm behind on bunnies and projects and schoolwork and everything (promised things for newkate and dannybailey coming soonish, though, I hope). Today and tomorrow are my last days to get the stuff I want to keep out of the house I've lived in almost all my life before it changes hands, and I've got a case of pressing midterms. Dad wants to watch Disk 4 of Heroes all tonight--very unusual for him--and I've got to get enough done to justify it. I also have to make my dinner pies today, so I can take them back home (THIS is my home!) and have food for the next couple weeks. What I want is for my games to stop being dead. And my GPS to behave and stop terrifying me with prospective lostness. And to keep my house. And not lose access to my library. Stupid finances. Where is my ipod?? Packing is too draining to do it without music. :(

Eta: pies are in oven and pod is found--but no speakers, and the rental place didn't have the DVD. Le sigh.
Hey, what does ETA stand for in this context? Did I really just type 'estimated time of arrival' instead of 'addendum?' o.O


I did say it was going to be late.

Happy birthday, archon_mentha!

The Persuasiveness of Camouflage
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for you, by nightfall, no warnings
Notes: With thanks to atdelphi. We don't know each other, but she's influential anyway.
Also with apologies to momebie--I know this isn't what we talked about, but once I started them both it was clear that that idea needed to be handled by a much better artist. If I did it was going to suck tuna water, and it's bad enough getting a present so late without it reeking of stagnant fish juice. :\
xposted (sorta) to shiny new ij because I don't know who checks what where lately. vOv
Disclaimer: These people and their setting belong to J.K.R. No money or transactions are associated with this story.

Unrelated note: for those who might care and don't know, I've picked up Xellos at the Seaside Cafe multifandom IJ game, under the journal name sunnyshadow. Please come and play with him. He's crazy. ^_^

Intersection of game and school

Or: why this one class is my favorite

Reflection and Reconstruction: Beyond Narrative in the Negotiation of Therapeutic Meaning

Is the individual thus reduced to a social con artist, adopting whatever posture of identity gains the highest pay-off? Certainly, the postmodern emphasis is on flexibility of self-identification, but this does not simultaneously imply that the individual is either duplicitous or scheming. To speak of duplicity is to presume that there is 'true expression' of self that could otherwise be available... One may interpret one's actions as duplicitous or sincere, but these ascriptions are, after all, simply components of different stories. Similarly, to presume that the individual possesses private motives, and a rational calculus of self-presentation, is again to sustain the modernist view of the self-contained individual. From the postmodern vantage point, the relationship takes priority over the individual self. That is, selves are only realized as a byproduct of relatedness. It is not independent selves who come together to form a relationship, but particular forms of relationship that engender what we take to be the individual's identity. Thus, to shift in the form and content of self-narration from one relationship to another is neither deceitful or self-serving. Rather, it is to honor the various modes of relationship in which one is enmeshed. It is to take seriously the multiple and varied forms of human connectedness that make up a life.
Gergen, Ken & Kaye, John. (1992) Beyond Narrative in Negotiation of Meaning. Sage Publishing, London, p180
Freakouts fall fast on each other's heels, but at least the current one only involves other people's abrasive behavior instead of existential angst that isn't even properly mine--because of a book. 9.9 And I still need a place to live... for next month. (Insert heartfelt expletive)

But during said existential freakout...

-- red_squared wrote me fantastically vile commentcrackpseudofic. It is awesome. No, no warnings. Be brave. XD

-- Hex!Hermione decided it was about time she got a face.
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-- I wrote my first fic in quite some time. It may, by this point, be a bit anticlimactic for some of you. :p Highlight obvious gaps for DH spoilers--probably unnecessary at this point, but... vOv

Five Afterlives Severus Didn't Have, And Five He Did.
a worksafe 500
by nightfall

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